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JWB Constructions is committed to delivering high-quality maintenance, construction and asset management services to the rail and civil sectors all across Australia. Our intense focus on delivering these services in line with our client-focused mission statement has made our family-run business one of the most trusted service providers in the rail and civil construction and maintenance industries throughout Australia. JWB Constructions offers services in civil construction, rail construction, rail protection officers and plant and equipment for civil and rail construction and maintenance projects. Our team will be taking you through our core service offerings in this latest blog article from JWB Constructions. 

Rail Construction 

JWB Constructions have a skilled workforce and experienced management team committed to delivering the highest quality in rail construction and maintenance projects. Our team provides a range of services including formation works, re-railing, re-conditioning, tracking certification, stress testing, track inspections and more. Click here to find out more about our services for rail construction and maintenance. 

Rail Protection Officers 

Keep your rail worksite and rail workers safe with our rail protection officers! JWB Constructions supplies highly competent, skilled and qualified rail protection officers including: 

– Rail corridor PO 

– Lookout 

– Handsignaller 

– PO Level 1 

– PO Level 2 (Track occupancy authority) 

– PO Level 3 (Possession protection officer) 

Do you require rail protection officers for your rail construction or maintenance project? Get in contact with the JWB Constructions team here. 

Civil Construction 

In addition to rail construction and maintenance services, at JWB Constructions we also offer services in civil construction and maintenance. From roads and bridges to culverts and drainage works, we have the right team for the job. Our qualified construction workers and skilled management team will help you successfully complete your civil construction projects on time and on budget. Click here to browse our past projects in civil construction. Get in touch with our team today to enquire further about our civil construction and maintenance services at JWB Constructions.

Plant & Equipment 

At JWB Constructions, we understand the importance of having the right tools and equipment to successfully complete a civil or rail construction project. That’s why we provide a range of different tools and equipment required for civil and rail construction and maintenance projects. This includes: 

● Excavators 

● Loaders 

● Tippers 

● Rollers 

● Bobcats 

● Fully equipped welding trucks 

● Tensors 

● Push along on track machinery 

● Clip up machines 

● Dog pullers 

● Spike pullers 

● Spike driver 

● Spindle borers 

● Rail press 

● Fully equipped trucks with all tools for any project or maintenance 

● Complete wet and dry hire solutions 

Click here if you would like to see a complete list of our available tools & equipment for all civil and rail maintenance and construction projects. 

Contact The JWB Constructions Team Today 

Take your civil or rail construction and maintenance projects to the next level with JWB Constructions. Would you like to enquire further about our services? You can get in contact with the JWB Constructions team by calling us on 1300 592 669 or email us at You can also click here to find out more about us, our mission statement and the history of JWB Constructions. 

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