Past Projects: Callemondah

In the heart of Queensland’s rail network, JWB Constructions took on one of its most challenging and rewarding projects: the Callemondah turnout and track upgrade. This project was focused on enhancing the existing railway infrastructure.

In this latest blog update from the JWB Constructions team, we will be exploring this project and how our experienced rail construction and maintenance team were able to deliver excellent results.

Project Overview

Beginning in September 2017 and completed in April 2018, the Callemondah project was a bold step forward in replacing life-expired track sections with cutting-edge technology. Our team was tasked with the job of installing eight new turnouts, laying 350 metres of new track, and completely revamping a main road level crossing.

The use of Sekisui FFU composite bearers was a highlight of this project. These bearers represent the latest in rail technology with their exceptional durability and environmental resistance, making them ideal for Queensland’s diverse and challenging terrain. By integrating these modern components, we not only enhanced the track’s longevity but also its reliability, providing a smoother and safer ride for all.

Scope of Works

Our approach was meticulous and comprehensive, addressing every aspect of the rail infrastructure. The project involved full ballast replacement and extensive earthworks across the entire site. We treated subgrades in hard rock areas, ensuring stability and resilience in the rail foundation. Additionally, our quality works included welding, adjusting, resurfacing, and meticulously measuring heights and staggers to meet the stringent standards required in modern rail construction.

Throughout the three stages of development, our team demonstrated expertise in managing and executing complex tasks, all while adhering to a fixed-price contract.

A Family-Owned Business with a National Impact

As a family-owned Australian company established in 2012, JWB Constructions brings a personal touch to the vast, often impersonal world of civil and rail construction and maintenance. Our roots in the industry run deep, with a foundation built on enduring relationships within the Rail Network and Civil Construction sectors across the country.

Our work on the Callemondah project is a reflection of our broader mission: to provide high-quality maintenance, construction, and project management services nationwide. With a focus on road and civil construction, rail maintenance, and more, we are dedicated to enhancing Australia’s infrastructure, one project at a time.

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