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Our Specialised Plant & Equipment for Rail and Civil Projects

Welcome to JWB Constructions, where we offer maintenance and construction services for the civil and rail sectors across Australia. Founded in 2012, our family-owned business has built longstanding relationships within the rail network and civil construction industries, consistently delivering high-quality work through our diverse expertise. 

One of our core strengths lies in our specialised plant and equipment, tailored to meet the demanding needs of rail and civil projects.

In this latest blog update, we will explore more about our specialised equipment for rail and civil construction and maintenance.

Our Comprehensive Plant & Equipment Inventory

At JWB Constructions, we understand the importance of having the right tools for the job. Our extensive range of plant and equipment ensures we are fully equipped to handle any civil or rail maintenance and construction project. Here’s a closer look at our specialised equipment:


Our fleet of excavators is crucial for digging, trenching, and moving large quantities of earth. These powerful machines are essential for both rail and civil construction projects, enabling us to prepare sites efficiently and accurately.


Loaders are vital for transporting materials around the site. Whether it’s gravel, sand, or debris, our loaders ensure that materials are moved quickly and safely, keeping projects on schedule.


Our tippers are perfect for hauling loose materials to and from construction sites. With robust design and high capacity, they are ideal for managing large volumes of materials, making site clearance and material delivery seamless.


Achieving a smooth and compact surface is essential in construction, and our rollers are designed to do just that. They are indispensable in preparing and finishing roadways and rail beds, ensuring stability and durability.


For versatile and efficient operations, our Bobcats are unbeatable. These compact machines are excellent for smaller tasks, offering manoeuvrability and power in tight spaces, which is often required in both rail and civil projects.

Specialised Rail Equipment

For rail-specific tasks, JWB Constructions has a range of specialised equipment designed to maintain and construct railways with precision and efficiency.

Fully Equipped Welding Trucks

Our welding trucks are mobile units equipped with all necessary tools to perform on-site welding jobs. They ensure that any welding tasks, essential for track repairs and construction, are carried out promptly and effectively.

Push-Along On-Track Machinery

Designed for ease of use and mobility, our push-along on-track machinery assists in the maintenance of rail tracks, for smooth operations and quick turnaround times.

Clip Up Machines, Dog Pullers, Spike Pullers, and Spike Drivers

These machines are critical for rail maintenance. Clip up machines secure rail fastenings, dog pullers and spike pullers remove fasteners, and spike drivers insert spikes, all ensuring the track remains securely in place.

Spindle Borers and Rail Press

Our spindle borers and rail press are vital for creating precise holes and shaping rail components, ensuring that all parts fit together perfectly, and maintaining the integrity of the railway.

Fully Equipped Trucks

Our trucks come fully equipped with all the necessary tools for any project or maintenance task. This ensures that our teams have everything they need on-site to complete jobs efficiently and to the highest standards.

Why Choose JWB Constructions?

Choosing JWB Constructions means partnering with a company that is trusted by companies, corporations, and governments alike. Our extensive inventory of specialised plant and equipment, combined with our experienced and dedicated team, ensures that we can deliver high-quality results for any rail or civil project.

If you’re looking for reliable and efficient services backed by a comprehensive range of specialised equipment, look no further. At JWB Constructions, we are committed to excellence and ready to tackle your next project with the expertise and tools required for success.

For more information about our services or to discuss your next project, contact us today at 1300 592 669 or email us at

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