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Past Projects: Sadliers Crossing

At JWB Constructions, we’re proud of our commitment to maintaining and improving Australia’s vital infrastructure. One of our past projects was the comprehensive refurbishment at Sadliers Crossing, a crucial undertaking that showcased our expertise and dedication to excellence.

Let’s take a closer look at what was involved in this JWB Constructions project.

Project Overview

The Sadliers Crossing project was initiated to address the replacement of life-expired bridge sections. Our team at JWB Constructions took on the challenge of replacing the outdated steel girder transom sections with modern ballasted deck bridge beams, ensuring enhanced durability and performance for the future.

This project also involved the replacement of the railway ladder with Sekisui FFU composite bearers, a significant upgrade that contributed to the overall stability and longevity of the structure. Additionally, life-expired concrete turnouts were replaced to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the railway system.

Scope of Works

The Sadliers Crossing project encompassed several critical construction activities:

Headstock Replacement

The replacement of headstocks was a fundamental part of the project, providing a solid foundation for the new bridge structure. Our team meticulously removed the old headstocks and installed new ones, ensuring a stable base for subsequent works.

Transom Replacement

The outdated transom sections were replaced with new, robust alternatives. This step was crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of the bridge and supporting the weight of passing trains effectively.

Quad-I Girder Installation

One of the most significant enhancements was the installation of Quad-I girders. These girders offered superior strength and resilience, key to the long-term performance of the bridge.

Approach Formation Treatment

Ensuring the stability of the railway approach formations was another critical task. Our team undertook extensive treatment to reinforce these areas, preventing potential issues that could arise from unstable formations.

Rail Replacement

The replacement of old rails was essential to maintain the safety and efficiency of the railway. High-quality new rails were installed, ensuring smooth and reliable train operations.

Quality Works

Our commitment to quality was evident throughout the project. We conducted thorough welding, adjustments, resurfacing, and checks on heights and staggers to ensure everything met the highest standards.

Challenges and Solutions

Every project comes with its challenges, and Sadliers Crossing was no exception. The primary challenge was managing the replacement works without causing significant disruption to the railway operations. 

Our team carefully planned and executed the works in phases, coordinating closely with railway authorities to minimise downtime and maintain service continuity.

Additionally, working with Sekisui FFU composite bearers required specialised skills and knowledge.

Successful Completion

The Sadliers Crossing project was completed on time and within the fixed-price contract. This project stands as a testament to JWB Constructions’ ability to deliver high-quality infrastructure projects that meet stringent safety and performance standards.

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