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How to Keep Your Worksite Safe

As a leader in the rail and civil construction and maintenance industries, JWB Constructions is committed to deliver safe and high-quality projects. Safety is an incredibly important element of any construction or maintenance project and it is something we always focus on here at JWB Constructions, as you can see from our mission statement:

“To be recommended by client & peer for reliability, to be accepted for quality in delivery & to be recognised as industry leaders in safety and continual improvement.”

In light of this, our team will be sharing some quick tips on how you can maintain safety in a rail and civil construction or maintenance project in this latest article on the JWB Constructions blog.

Always Use the Right Safety Equipment

Fortunately this is rarely an oversight, however it is still an important tip to keeping your worksite safe. Always make sure all workers are wearing the right safety gear, whether it be safety goggles, earplugs and earmuffs, high-visibility workwear, gloves or face masks. This should always be a key element of the safety plan of any rail and civil construction and maintenance project and one that is continually monitored and inspected on site.

Utilise the Right Tools & Equipment for the Job

It is also important to always use the right equipment for the project to ensure that the work is completed safely and efficiently. It can be very dangerous to use incorrect tools and equipment. JWB Constructions offers plant & equipment hire for all the tools & equipment needed for civil and rail maintenance & construction projects. Click here to find out more about our range of tools and equipment available for hire.

Always Have a Rail Protection Officer for Rail Projects

A rail protection officer is the most important element of your safety plan for any rail construction or maintenance project. Rail protection officers are responsible for varying levels of safeworking worksite protection and primarily work to keep the rail construction or maintenance project and its rail workers safe.

Do you need a rail protection officer for your rail construction or maintenance project? JWB Constructions provides qualified rail protection offers all over Australia, including:

  • Rail corridor PO
  • Lookout
  • Handsignaller
  • PO Level 1
  • PO Level 2 (Track occupancy authority)
  • PO Level 3 (Possession protection officer)

Would you like to find out more information about the importance of rail protection officers? The JWB Constructions team broke down everything you need to know in a recent article on our website. Click here to learn more.

Contact JWB Constructions

If you would like to maximise the safety of your rail construction or maintenance project then you need a rail protection officer from JWB Constructions. Get in touch with our team today to get started. You can call 1300 592 669, or click here to contact us through our website. 

Want to stay updated on the latest news from JWB Constructions? You can stay updated via our website or through our official social media channels on Facebook and LinkedIn. Also make sure to check in on our blog page to browse our latest updates and articles on the civil and rail construction and maintenance industries.

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