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Project Focus: Dreamworld

As one of the leading service providers in the civil and rail construction and maintenance industry, JWB Constructions is privileged to work on some amazing projects. Recently, the JWB Constructions team completed a project at Dreamworld, one of Queensland’s biggest and best tourist attractions. In this latest blog article on our site, the JWB Constructions team will be sharing more information about our Dreamworld project and how we helped to refurbish the iconic Central Park Station platform and track for the Dreamworld Express.

Our Project At Dreamworld

JWB Constructions have completed a successful project at Dreamworld in South East Queensland. The project involved refurbishing the Central Park Station platform and upgrading the rail tracks for the famous Dreamworld Express. The platform and tracks are now looking brand new and ready for guests from all over the world to enjoy on their visit to Dreamworld.

You can check out some of the images of our project during our work and after completion by visiting our Facebook page. Don’t forget to follow us to be the first to see our latest updates, including project updates.

More About JWB Constructions

JWB Constructions is a family owned and operated company first formed by Danny Bakos and his son, Mathew Bakos. At JWB Constructions, we are dedicated to providing the very best work and customer service throughout our services in the civil and rail construction and maintenance industry. As reflected in the JWB Constructions mission statement, we aim to be recognised as industry leaders in safety and continual improvement. Completing successful projects just like our latest completion at Dreamworld is what we pride ourselves on. Would you like to find out more about the history of JWB Constructions and the team behind our services? Click here to find out more about us on our website.

Our Services

At JWB Constructions we offer a range of services for the civil and rail construction and maintenance industry. Our services include rail protection officers, civil construction and maintenance, rail construction and maintenance and plant and equipment hire. Click here to check out all of our services we offer at JWB Constructions.

Get In Contact With the JWB Constructions Team

Would you like to get in contact with the JWB Constructions team to enquire further about our services? Call us today on 1300 592 669 or email us at You can also click here if you would like to contact the JWB Constructions team through our website. We are always happy to assist you with any questions that you may have. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Stay Updated on The Latest From JWB Constructions

Would you like to stay updated on the latest news from JWB Constructions? You can stay updated via our website or through our official social media channels on Facebook and LinkedIn. Also make sure to check in on our blog page to browse our latest updates and articles on the civil and rail construction and maintenance industries. 

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