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The History of JWB Constructions

JWB Constructions has quickly become one of the best and most respected businesses in the rail and civil construction and maintenance industry. Our services in civil construction, rail construction, protection officers and plant and equipment have made us the number one choice for businesses in the civil and rail industries. However, did you know we started from humble beginnings? In this latest blog article on our site, we will be taking you through the history of JWB Constructions and how we have become the leading service provider in the rail and civil construction industries. Let’s get started!

Humble Beginnings

As with many family-run businesses, JWB Constructions started from humble beginnings. With over 32 years of experience working in Queensland Rail, Danny Bakos had recognised first-hand the immense divide between the amount of rail work required and the qualified rail workers available to complete this work within project budget and timeframes. Matthew Bakos, Danny’s son with a building and civil construction background, joined Danny in forming JWB Constructions, a family-founded business dedicated to providing high quality, dedicated and professional teams to rail companies across Queensland. JWB started from humble beginnings in the home office and home shed.

The New Home

After two years of delivering high-quality services to rail construction and maintenance projects across Queensland, Danny and Matthew created the new head office depot in Meadowbrook. These new foundations and our quickly expanding team allowed us to expand to interstate rail projects in New South Wales, the ACT and Western Australia.

Expanding Our Horizons

On the back of our fast growing reputation and work portfolio, JWB Constructions expanded operations by opening a new depot in Gladstone. We also brought in a large group of successful, diligent and qualified railway professionals, further propelling our growth in the civil and rail construction and maintenance industries. Whilst expanding we started our protection officer department of hard working, trustworthy and very competent team members.

Our Continued Growth

JWB Constructions continues to grow into the future. We welcomed a professional and highly competent project and civil construction team in 2019, enabling us to deliver more high-quality works throughout Queensland and Australia. Despite our rapid growth, we remain focused on delivering a client-focused service, supporting our clients at every step of their project journey. Click here if you would like to find out more about JWB Constructions and our history.

Quality Control, Safety and Sustainability

With our dedication to delivering our services safely and to the highest quality, our management system was certified by SAI Global in February 2020, ensuring that our systems and processes are compliant with international standards including, Quality 9001, Environmental 14001 and OHS 45001. In addition to this we have also partnered with Aboriginal Employment Strategy, Civil Contractors Federation and Carbon Neutral to ensure our services are delivered in a responsible and sustainable way.

Get in Touch With JWB Constructions

From humble beginnings, JWB Constructions has grown into a leader in the civil and rail construction and maintenance industries. We remain committed to delivering the highest quality and compliance services in a safe and sustainable manner while  helping our clients complete their rail and civil projects on time and on budget. Are you in need of one of our services? Get in contact with our team today! You can call JWB Constructions on 1300 592 669 or email us at We are your trusted experts in the civil and rail construction industry.

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