How Rail Protection Officers Help Your Project

How Rail Protection Officers Help Your Project

A rail protection officer is an incredibly important part of any rail construction and maintenance project. They are responsible for keeping track workers safe throughout the rail project. As one of the leading service providers in the rail construction and maintenance industry, JWB Constructions understands just how important safety is in any rail project. That’s why we supply rail protection officers to rail projects. With a rail protection officer from JWB Constructions, you will be confident in the level of safety in your rail construction or maintenance project. In this blog we will be taking you through how rail protection officers help your rail project and how you can find them. Let’s get started!

What Rail Protection Officers Do

Rail protection officers help to keep your rail construction and maintenance project safe. They work to implement and maintain safety procedures for rail and track workers in your rail project. This scope can also include other activities to boost workplace safety including risk assessments and safety briefings.

By hiring rail protection officers for your rail project you will be able to rest easy knowing that the project is being carried out to the highest safety standards, reducing risk to your rail and track workforce.

How To Find Rail Protection Officers For Your Project

The best source for qualified and experienced rail protection officers is JWB Constructions. As part of our service offerings to rail construction and maintenance projects, we supply a range of experienced rail protection officers to help keep your rail project as safe as possible.

At JWB Constructions, we can supply a range of rail protection officers to your rail construction or maintenance project, including:

  • Rail corridor PO
  • Lookout
  • Handsignaller
  • PO Level 1
  • PO Level 2 (Track occupancy authority)
  • PO Level 3 (Possession protection officer)

Would you like to find out more about JWB Constructions and how we can supply your rail construction or maintenance project with high-quality, experienced rail protection officers? Click here to find out more on the JWB Constructions Website. 

Get In Contact With the JWB Constructions Team

Do you need rail protection officers for your rail construction or maintenance project? Get in touch with the JWB Constructions team today! We are here to help supply you with the qualified and experienced rail protection offices you are looking for. Call us today on 1300 592 669 or email us at You can also click here if you would like to contact the JWB Constructions team through our website. We are always happy to assist you with any questions that you may have.

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